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    Our company, which started its activities in the textile sector in 1995 with the partnership of Hüseyin UZUN and İlyas UZUN, made a strong entry into the construction sector in 2007; It continues its work focused on trust, quality and customer satisfaction, which it has provided until today, on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. UDI YAPI, which han

  • Our Mission

    By closely following the technical and architectural developments in the construction sector all over the world, to offer robust, safe, quality projects, as well as to project by anticipating the ever-evolving needs and expectations. To provide "quality and people" oriented service with the aim of facilitating human life and increasing the quality

  • Our Vision

    Knowing that reaching the best is possible with continuous self-renewal, with our line of not following the trends, but determining the trends, to build a solid trust between us and our customers, and to always have our name printed on the highest level in branded housing.


What is Precedent?

What is Precedent?

19:28, 08 Ocak 2023

TAKS: It means Floor Area Number of Floors. Indicates how much of the floor area of a building can occupy at most the ...

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What is Flat for Land Construction?

What is Flat for Land Construction?

19:25, 08 Ocak 2023

Construction in return for flat or construction in return for land; Constructions in which the cost of the constructi ...

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Kadıköy Contractor Construction Company

Kadıköy Contractor Construction Company

19:22, 08 Ocak 2023

Our company, which started its activities in the textile sector in 1995 with the partnership of Hüseyin UZUN and ...

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  • They are preparing very nice projects as a concept. We bought our first house from them, we are very happy, everything is really high quality and nice workmanship, thank you. Funda YILMAZ

  • I came across them in my research and had the opportunity to meet them. They were very interested from the first moment and today I became the host. Thank you very much. Hakan TUNA

  • We made an agreement with them for our land in return for flat. It is really super in terms of construction material and workmanship. What I noticed the most was that they delivered it completely on time. Thanks. Hande GÜN